Our story

Our very first Australian shepherd showed up on our doorstep on New Year’s Day many years ago. She was injured cold and scared and didn't have a collar or chip. We took her in and tried to find her owners without success. It was then we realized she was meant to be ours so we kept her and never looked back. She was such an amazing dog that we have never considered owning another breed.

We love Australian Shepherds and take great care and pride in producing healthy, well rounded dogs. All of our dogs are AKC and ASCA registered with hall of fame and championship bloodlines. Our puppies are well loved and socialized with our children and cats and will make great companions, herders, competitors in agility, obedience or conformation.

We produce one or two quality litters per year. Our dogs are part of our family; we love them, we work with them, we play with them. We have chosen to keep our breeding program small in order to give our dogs and our puppies the love and attention they deserve.

Why we do not dock tails

  • We believe in cruelty free breeding and do not remove dew claws either.

  • Tails help dogs maintain balance, speed and overall stability whether in agility, dock diving, swimming or just running around the yard chasing a ball.

  • Tails help dogs communicate with each other. Studies have found that dogs without tails are more likely to get into fights with other dogs because they are not able to read one another’s body language as well.

  • Tails help dogs communicate with humans.

  • Some Aussies carry the gene for a natural bobbed tail. Breeding two natural bobbed tail aussies can cause spinal deformities in puppies. Why risk missing a natural bobbed tail?

  • Aussie tails are beautiful!